The BME Design Studio

The BME Design Studio provides the space and resources for undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical engineering to brainstorm, design, prototype, build, and test solutions to real-world clinical and global health challenges.

The Design Studio was started by a grant from the Johns Hopkins Gateway Science Initiative, a program sponsored by the Office of the Provost. The Gateway award was supplemented with financial and space support from the Whiting School of Engineering. The funds were awarded based on the proposal of Department of Biomedical Engineering faculty Eileen Haase, Les Tung, Bob Allen, Youseph Yazdi, and Elizabeth Logsdon. The funds were initially used to visit state-of-the art design facilities throughout the country. These visits provided insight into the space layout, equipment, supplies, operating costs, and staffing needed to build and support such a facility at Johns Hopkins.

Tom Simmons, Whiting School Director of Facilities, and Michael DiProspero, JHU Senior Project manager, are guiding the design studio project from start to finish. The BME Design Studio team started meeting with Colimore Architects, Kovacs Whitney and Associates, Riparius Construction, and American Office in January 2014. Construction was completed prior to the start of the 2014–15 academic year.

What is the BME Design Studio?

Students can now develop and test their ideas all in one location.

The BME Design Studio is an approximately 5,000-square-foot facility which includes a large workshop area, wet-labs, team conferencing room, and a machine shop. The Design Studio will support preliminary and iterative design phases of projects, allowing students to transition to the final delivery phases through use of the Whiting School’s new manufacturing center in Wyman Park. Throughout the design process students have audiovisual access for consultation with clinicians and researchers at the medical school campus.

Who can use the BME Design Studio?

Any BME student who has completed the required safety training may request access to the design studio. This includes undergraduate students as well as graduate students in BME, CBID, and ABE.


The vision for the BME Design Studio is to provide an environment that supports teamwork, where students can create, collaborate, design, build, test, evaluate, and refine their ideas, designs, and prototypes.