Access & Schedule

Access to the BME Design Studio

General Access Information

J-card access is required to enter all parts of the BME Design Studio Facility at all times. Only Biomedical Engineering students with authorized J-cards will be granted access to facility. Anyone involved in for-profit or non-profit organization outside JHU may not use the facility. Authorized access requires that students competed required orientation and safety training. Once you have completed the training your access will remain through your tenure at JHU. Access may be revoked at any time for failure to follow studio policies.

Visit Facilities and Resources to see a detailed list of resources available in each facility.

Hours of Operation

During the fall and spring semesters the BME Design Studio is open 24/7 excluding university breaks and holidays. The studio is open 20 hrs per week in the summer excluding university breaks and holidays.

View schedules for hours of operation.

BME Design Studio facilities are only available when they are not booked for classes or events. The availability for each of the design studio facilities is found on the following Google Calendars. For more information on the resources available in these facilities please see Facilities and Resources.

Required Training

All Design Studio Facilities

For access to all design studio facilities students must complete the Safety for Undergraduate Research Assistants course. Click the link below to log in and follow this path:

The Machine Shop and the Prototyping Lab

For access to the Machine Shop or the Prototyping Lab students must complete a face-to-face training with Senior Lab Coordinator Chris Browne.

View BDS Machine Shop rules.

The Wetlab and the Cell and Tissue Lab

For access to the Wet Lab or Cell and Tissue Lab students must complete face-to-face training with the DS Director and the Bloodborne Pathogens course. Click the link below to log in and follow this path:

Additional Training

If projects involve human subjects or animals students must additionally complete the following courses:

  1. For projects that involve animals, students will need to complete the Animal Care and Use course:
    • My JHU › Education › My Learning › Compliance ›
      Research Compliance and Ethics ›
      Animal Care and Use
  2. For projects involving human data or human subjects, students will need to complete the HIPPA& Research-01 and Basic Human Subjects Research (CITI) courses:

Any questions about required safety training can be sent to the DS Director.


Design Studio Rules

  1. Closed-toed shoes must in all facilities
  2. No food or drink in labs (Studio East, SBE Lab or CT Lab)
  3. Food and drink permitted in Studio West at tables where no studio equipment is being used
  4. Access is for authorized users only
  5. Leave the space as you found it (tables, chairs and materials should be returned to original locations)

Use of the design studio and its resources is a privilege. It is considered a violation of the Honor Code to use the facility without proper training and permissions.