The BME Design Studio is closed to all students at this time.


The Design Studio will be closed during the Fall 2020 semester to all undergraduate students. This includes Design Studio East (Clark 218), Design Studio West (Clark 217), the Systems Bioengineering Lab (Clark 216), the Cell and Tissue Lab (Clark 114), and the Machine Shop (Clark 214). Design Studio staff can perform prototyping as necessary for students enrolled in BME courses. These students, or graduate students who return to campus and require Design Studio resources, should contact Tom Benassi ( for more information.


During the fall and spring semesters the BME design studio is open 24/7 excluding university breaks and holidays. The studio is open 20 hours per week in the summer excluding university breaks and holidays.

For hours of the Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation, our independent sister design studio facility, view the calendar below.


Note: The Main Studio cannot be reserved. The studio is unavailable when there are classes scheduled. Contact Tom Benassi for information regarding table reservations during those times.



This team room is for small groups of six or fewer. It contains whiteboards for brain storming and a conference phone. Please use the calendar to schedule time in the room. Please limit your reservations to one-hour blocks. Cancellations need to be made 48 hours ahead of the reserved time.



The Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation is a sister facility to the BME Design Studio located in the heart of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. This space directly connects our students to their clinical collaborators.

BME Design Studio