The BME Design Studio is closed to all students at this time.


The Design Studio has a full scope of resources available for students to design, build, and test their projects. Some resources are available for general use, while others require special training and supervision.

Training Protocol

  1. Download and read the relevant manual, which can be found on the individual equipment pages of this website.
  2. Come to the Design Studio during a DSTA shift (see Schedules) to be administered a quiz on the equipment’s manual.
  3. Get hand’s-on trained by a DSTA.
  4. Produce a training part approved by the DSTA who trained you.

Please contact if you have any questions. Click the images below to access manuals and find out more!

Acrylic Bending and Bonding Equipment
Strip heaters may be used as a complement to the laser cutter to bend acrylics and assemble/finish cut parts. These tools can get very hot and should be handled with care. There is also acrylic bonding agent in the Design Studio East, which can be used for bonding acrylic to acrylic and should only be […]
Hobby-Grade 3D Printer
Makerbot Replicator + This FDM style printer is great for a first pass on prototyping parts with complex shapes. It is ideal for looks-like prototypes and low-load works-like prototypes. This printer prints only in PLA. Students must be trained prior to use. Please complete the Makerbot Replicator+ quiz prior to scheduling training. Training Manual Quiz Ultimaker […]
Laser Cutter
VLS3.50 Laser Cutter Laser cutters are quick and versatile, and may be useful for all stages of prototyping. The VLS3.50 laser cutter is primarily used for cutting acrylic, however alternative materials can be used with the permission of Design Studio TAs. It has a dimension limit of 12×24. Students must be trained prior to use. […]
Sewing Machines
A sewing machine is used to bind fabrics and other thin materials, and can be useful for biomedical instrumentation and other prototyping, particularly with wearables. Check out some USAID funded projects they have served here.       Training Manual Quiz                               […]
Belt Sander
For sanding or shaping a variety of materials.
Fume Hood
The fume hood ensures safe practices when working with volatile chemicals that would otherwise be harmful. The fume hood is located in design studio east, where any work with volatile chemicals should be done. Please consult a DSTA if you are unsure if a chemical should be worked with under the fume hood.
The DS is full of material and equipment from previous projects that have been deemed valuable or useful enough to keep around. From mannequins, to scales, to Christmas lights, the best way to find out if we already have what you need is to ask.
CNC Router
This CNC Router cuts paths into material horizontally. At this time, setup and training are still underway. Please contact Tom Benassi if you are interested in learning more about the CNC. The Machine Shop also has a mill, which can provide similar function, however operation is manual on the mill.  
Professional Grade 3D Printers
Dimension 1200es This FDM style printer provides higher resolution prints, with options for breakaway or dissolvable support. Prints are of higher quality, and more complex parts see more success here. This printer prints only in ABS. Students must be trained prior to use. Training Manual Quiz Objet30 Prime This polyjet printer provides the micron-level tolerance […]
Drill Press
Used to drill holes through metal or wood.
Used to cut away unwanted material.
Used to perform various operations including cutting and drilling of wood and metal.   
Electronics Equipment
Electronics Cart These mobile electronics carts support students in development and testing of electronics in projects and classes. Solder Station Among other equipment and supplies, soldering irons, lighting sources, clamps, heat sources, wiring, solder, flux, insulation, and a nice view are available for student use in projects and classes.
Provides uniform cutting action on a variety of materials. 
Hand Tools
These two red tool boxes are located just outside the team room. They have drills, soldering irons, clamps, saws, screws, screwdrivers, rotary tools, springs, pliers, wrenches and more! If you have a tough prototyping problem to solve, check here for ideas. We probably have the answer. And remember, tools require safe handling. If you are […]
3D Scanners
MakerBot Digitizer The MakerBot Digitizer has a convenient user interface and is easy to use, however it only scans in black and white. Like all 3D scanners, this 3D scanner is helpful when an object with complex dimensions needs to be rendered in 3D modeling software, such SolidWorks or Creo. This is particularly useful when […]

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