The BME Design Studio is closed to all students at this time.


Design Studio Blueprint

BME also has a collaboration with the medical campus, and has joint access and ownership of the Design Studio at the Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation.

Access Information

CLICK HERE to access the required myLearning Laboratory Safety Course.

Safety training MUST be completed before entering the BME Design Studio, and J-card access is required to enter all parts of the BME Design Studio facility. BME students will gain access in their first semester as part of the Freshmen Modeling & Design course. Other students may request access through Tom Benassi. Anyone involved in for-profit or non-profit organizations outside of JHU may NOT use the facility

The BME Design Studio is open 24/7 year-round except when booked for classes or events. The availability for each of the Design Studio facilities can be found within the following pages.



Studio West — Main Studio Room 217

Studio East — Wet Lab Room 218

Team Room 217B

Machine Shop – Room 214

Systems Bioengineering Lab – Room 216

Cell and Tissue Lab – Room 114

Carnegie Center for Surgical Innovation

Graduate Student Studio

BME Design Studio